Xylitol Gets Into Cells Without Insulin

Someone told me that she is having Xylitol to substitute sugar in her candida control diet, and asked me what I can tell her about this substance. She believes this is an amazing tool to help you get over your desire for sweetness, so she really wants more people to have a look on it. Read more..

Takes About a Week for 5-HTP to Kick in

A friend is going to start the 5-HTP tonight. She wants to know how long it takes to kick in and curious if it is one of those things that have to build up in your system or it (hopefully) starts to work right away. She would like to know if it upset our stomach or doing any other side effects. It has been a couple of days since she took it and she still feels like crying but not able to. Read more..

What Non Candida Diet Food I Take in My Holiday

It was a holiday season when my friend who was in a candida diet asked me about the things she wants to eat at Christmas. She wants to know if the following foods are allowed to be eaten in small quantity: Read more..

Serotonin Stabilizer Works With Your Brain to Help Balance the Hormone

For those who dont know, 5-htp is Tryptophan in its purer form that can be used for candida problems in depression, sleeping, etc, including overweight problem. It is a serotonin stabilizer and works with your brain to help balance the hormone serotonin. Low serotonin is responsible for depression, poor and restless sleeping, and overeating. Believe it or not, it is a serotonin imbalance that many overweight people have. Basically, they never get the signal from their brain that tells them they are full. After being on high doses of 5-htp for two weeks, my friend who is overweight noticed she could stop eating when she was full, slept better, and was not as depressed. It has really helped her a lot. Read more..

What Foods You Eat in a Strict Diet

What foods are you eating in a really strict anti candida diet? Are you eating any grains at all? What about quinoa, millet, and brown rice? Or are you sticking with veggies and meats only? Read more..