Candida Symptoms That Smelling Everything Like Bread Or Flour

A friend has noticed lately that when she puts on any lotion perfume, it smells like bug spray on her, which is terrible and makes her sick. This never used to happen, nothing smells good even in the bottle and her homeopath says it is her cleaning out, and this should have all smelled bad before. She needs to know if it is candida symptom or die-off.

I had the same symptoms where everything only smelled like bread or flour. That lasted about 6 months or so and got really bad right before I went on the program. The day before I started, I smelled yeast al day long and could think of nothing else but fluffy, home made biscuits. But, that was one of the weirdest things that ever happened to me!

For over a year and a half when beginning the treatment, nothing has smelled “right” to me. But, the way things smell is constantly changing. Sometimes, cooked chicken (usually my favorite) smells like baked cardboard to me. I think that the candida got to my brain and is messing with my senses.

Unfortunately, stress is part of life. We are working on ways to change our reactions, to have a more positive attitude. Although, I think some of us are just born with very sensitive bodies, too. My goal is to have a daily routine going (starting in January). I believe I have heard that routine sometimes helps stress and also the cycles of your body. It is hard enough to try to deal with all this as an adult.

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