Douching With Apple Cider Vinegar

Someone understands that she should be using apple cider vinegar to douche with for her vaginal yeast infections. She feels stupid as she has been using white vinegar this last week as it was what she had lying around. She is still not sure in how often she should douches with this, and what the ratio water to vinegar is. She wants to know if there is anything she can add to the water to kill the yeast better.

Well, vinegar has yeast in it so that some people think apple cider vinegar is a big no-no for douching. But, there are some candida protocols that said it is okay as well. It seems to be one of the contested items. You could always search the websites for the terms apple cider vinegar and you will probably get tons of articles with pros and contras.

What I can tell you is that apple cider vinegar is okay. There have been several people I know who use it for bathing and douching, and they are not having the yeast infections any more. I also followed the advice to use the Bragg Apple Vinegar. I douched with it for the last 3 days, and I feel much better!

Regarding the alternative, you might want to douche with yogurt plain with active cultures for 5 days straight. It gets rid of vaginal yeast infections. Also try hydrogen peroxide for other solution.

I do not warm the yogurt or add anything mix with purified water, but you can put a probiotic in there if you want. Sometimes, I put a capsule of superdophilus right into the vagina.

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