Grape Seed Extract As Candida Antifungal Help Building Your Immune System

Someone asked me if I have any good literature about the relationship between grape seed extract and candidiasis and if grape seed extract is a candida antifungal. She has read in some health books that it is, but can’t seem to find any references to that on the web. She also asked me if I have ever try SF-722 and achieve any good results. She is thinking of adding SF-722 to her candida protocol.

Grape Seed extract is an antioxidant and is also useful for killing candida, but it does it indirectly by making your immune system stronger. I really can’t find anything specific for candida except to help build the immune system, thus reducing the effects of candida. The only Candida that the medical community truly recognizes is that developed by many AIDS patients after they have diminished immune system response.

It is true that Grapefruit Seed extract is an antifungal. It is pretty strong and very bitter. It is so strong, you can actually use it as a household cleaner as well, and you have to dilute it before ingesting it because it can burn your throat. It works pretty well from my experience (providing you don’t eat sugar). If you eat sugar while taking it the candida will only become resistant to it.

Yes, I have tried SF 722 and did get good results when I was on the diet. My main problem has always been the diet because I travel a lot, so the best way for me to work on my cure is take a complete break from my life for thirty days, which is hard to do!

When I get off the carbs/sugar and get on the diet/sf 722/homozon, I end up dropping 10 pounds and 2 inches off of my waist within 5 days. It usually takes 7 days for my cravings to completely disappear and another 14 before my willpower doesn’t cave to “well-meaning” friends.

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