Having Potato Chips As Your Candida Diet Food

Regarding candida diet food, I made potato chips last night with thinly sliced red skinned potato chips sprinkled with sea salts and baked in a 450 degree oven on a lightly olive oiled cookie sheet. They were really good! I also make sweet potato chips where I slice up sweet potatoes, and bake them in oven. I butter them and then sprinkle nutmeg and cinnamon on them when the butter is melted. It was really yummy.

I can also have Ezekiel bread, cottage cheese, cream cheese, Trisects, blue corn chips (get at the health food store), and occasionally I bake buttermilk biscuits with whole wheat flour and corn muffins, also with whole what flour. Basically, you can eat anything that is not processed or have sugar in it, and stay away from red meat. Experiment with new herbs and spices, too!

At first, I was overwhelmed because I thought everything has sugar in it. Well, that is true of processed foods! Good rule of thumb is when you at the grocery store, shop from the out side sections because all the junk and processed food is usually in the center sections.

Still, I don’t eat a very much nuts, Ezekiel bread, or those muffins or biscuits and hardly ever have fresh fruit because I have found that those things still tend to make me tired. Once you have eaten like this for a week, your imagination starts running like wild! There is so much things out there that we haven’t tried. Try a new veggie every couple of days, and you will be surprised at how many there really is!

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