Healing Candida Problem in Stomach With Ginger Tea

My friend is handling her candida problem in stomach, and dont know how to cure it. Regarding crampbark, she heard that it was mainly good for uterus-related issues, like going to the bathroom, but after all not so much to calm your stomach. She got some chamomile capsules, but is not sure it will help, so she would like to hear a positive thing about it first. She also tried ginger tea a few days ago, which didn’t seem to help at all.

Also, she just started on FOS last night, and was feeling so grouchy/brain foggy and so sick with muscle ache, etc., all last night, and also this morning. She hopes this is part of die-off, but also afraid if it is because it contains a sugar-related compound. She said she is not looking forward to take it again.

I can’t tolerate FOS either. I purchased some FOS, as a few people had told me this would be good for fighting candida. I was taking it for a few days, but it gave me an upset stomach. One of my naturopaths said that it can irritate you GI tract, so I stopped taking the FOS.

As for the stomach, I have the ginger tea work well on mine. It is maybe the way to make it is different that makes your ginger tea affects nothing to your stomach. You don’t have to grate it. I cut 2 or 3 thin slices and put those in hot water. I do it after each meal, and more if necessary.

She followed my direction, and this time she cut it up and chewed it after having the tea. It did seem to make a difference. She is going to have more ginger and hopes it does the trick.

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