Peppermint Oil Works Well for Headache

My friend started the Russ protocol for her candida treatment at the New Years time. It is good to start the New Year out right, but it is also her birthday that day and she had to pass up the birthday cake. Well, she is not going to feel sorry for herself because she has decided that she would much rather have a lifetime of health than a moment of sweet pleasure.

She and her husband are going to struggle through this together that she is grateful for. Internet has already been a great source of information for her in learning what to expect. She has a question though, she wants to know if she can take some ibuprofen for the awful headache that she has. She is planning on being very strict on the diet, so she doesn’t want to blow it on something so small. She also has been juicing vegetables for about 2 months and wants to know if there are books on it that I recommend.

I dont really know about the ibuprofen, but peppermint oil works very well for a headache that is not too severe. It always takes the “edge” off for me. Just rub a little into your temples and it is gone.

Juicing raw vegetables is considered pre-digested food and since candida hinders ours digestion, it seems like the way to go. I have been juicing spinach, green pepper, and cucumber. It is “green” tasting but delicious. I received the book “Juicing for Life'” and bought another book today The Joy of Juicing”. From those books, I get some new ideas to juice. I usually juice for the evening meal and then have a dish of kefir. I feel it helps a lot.

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