Pro and Contra About Having FOS in Candida Treatment FOS Substitute

The FOS my friend has started using in her candida treatment is Annie’s Fibersweet, which is sourced from chicory root. Apparently, the molecules are too big to be digested, so the sugar doesn’t feed the yeast. She doesn’t know yet how it is affecting her, so she guesses she will just have to watch herself closely. If she continues to see improvements, then she will continue with the FOS. She wants to know my comments on FOS and how I reacted to it.

It was when I know for sure that FOS feeds yeast, I get off it quick. It has a sugar in it that feeds yeast, do your own search to make sure of it. I know from 2 different doctors I have seen which is herbal and homeopathic said that it is bad news.

On the other hand, I have also been told by two different ‘experts’ that FOS is beneficial and that I should take it to give the good bacteria a helping hand. I did a search and found some information that says the sugar in FOS can’t be broken down, and so it doesn’t feed the yeast. I was told that it feeds the good bacteria, but not the bad ones, by some good sources of PhDs.

But then again, I took it and had problems with yeast, so I stopped taking it, especially since I kept reading about it being bad for yeast. Well, I guess you will always find good and bad things about stuff and you have to do what works for you. It could be one of those things where we all react differently.

There are some supplements like Nature’s Biotics that have the beneficial bacteria without FOS and I use those. Basically, I am pretty lucky because I haven’t had a problem with any of the probiotics with or without the FOS.

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