Questions On Candida Cleanses Is It Ok to Take Vitamin C and Ascorbic Acid?

A friend mailed me asking a few questions as she wants to do some candida cleanses. Her Yeast Connection cook book says to use unbuffered vitamin C crystals on salads (part of the salad dressing ingredient which provides tartness). She wonders if it is ok to take vitamin C and ascorbic acid on candida cleanse.

Also, she wants to know if it is die-off she experiences when she goes to the bathroom and it is cloudy with some mucus there. She has been really dizzy and tired today, and wondering if this is signs that what she is doing is working.

I don’t see the reason why not taking vitamin C and ascorbic acid, since the purpose of using them on your food is to kill all molds. We are trying to avoid molds also, and this can only help with your candida cleanse.

Here is a recipe for helping more with your cleansing. Prepare 1 cup of wild rice and 1/2 cup of lentils (I like the green ones). Boil them together until done. Boiling it in home made chicken stock adds yummy flavor. Drain and allow it to cool a little before adding crushed garlic (I use a generous two teaspoons), Stevia powder to slightly sweeten, and a dash of apple cider vinegar. Stir into the rice mixture well, and then add freshly chopped onions, tomatoes, and green pepper. It is delicious served hot or cold and tastes even better after resting for a few hours to give the flavors time to marry.

Regarding what she experiences, I believe it is the candida dying off, for all the treatments she has done. It is usual to have the tiring days within the die-off process.

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