The Effectiveness of L-Glutamine and 5-Htp With Alcohol and Sugar Cravings

I can attest to the effectiveness of the l-glutamine and the 5-htp with alcohol and sugar cravings. I take the powder, and 1 tsp dissolved under the tongue is very effective for stopping both cravings. The 5-htp helps enormously with depression. A couple of safe colon cleanse/body cleanses you may want to try that I use are Homozon, which is oxygen/magnesium and Dr. Schulze Intestinal Formula #1 and 2.

5-htp is the purer, active form of Tryptophan, an amino acid, which is 10 times as strong so you only need 100 mg when they would suggest 1000mg of tryptophan. It is good for depression, relaxation and a host of other things. It is pricey, but tryptophan is now only available by prescription because of some problems with a bad lot that came out of Japan and was released on the market here. To use 5-htp capsules 100 milligrams = 1000 milligrams of tryptophan, so only use 1 – 4 capsules daily.

If you decide to try it, I would start with one for a few days, taken before you go to bed. It helps you sleep. Also, remember with amino acids, they are best taken on an empty stomach, vitamins and minerals should be taken with food because they need more nutrients to be absorbed.

I get it from a health food or body building shop and always get the capsules because they are purer than tablets. Also, it is easier to take directly in your mouth and get into your system sublingually. I vary between 1 and 4 tablets daily. When I first began taking them, I felt the difference within a day. Took them at night and they to help with sleeping initially. A few days later, I realized I was calmer and not nearly as grouchy. I don’t always take all of the other amino acids, but the three that I have used, that help me the most are the 5-htp, tyrosine (neurotransmitters), and l-glutamine.

Just a note: just like about everything else, 5-htp varies for each individual. One would take only half of a capsule daily, and it helped tremendously. Please be careful and start slow with 5-htp because it is pretty potent.

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